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Barry Taylor's Famous Penny Routine

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A penny is shown, and visibly expands to the size of a silver dollar!  Then, after vanishing and reappearing before the startled spectator's eyes, the coin expands once more, this time as a jumbo three-inch penny!  This is handed to the spectator, as they catch their breath and ponder whether anything makes "cents" in this world.

All sleights are shown in complete detail, as well as professional thoughts and polishes from Barry's performances of this routine over the past thirty years.  Also includes an in-depth study of misdirection and timing, including thorough instruction on vanishing and producing a coin.

Sleights explained include: Barry's variations on the Bobo Switch and Spider Vanish, as well as the Thumb Palm, Finger Palm, Fred Kaps and Ramsey Subtleties, Jumbo Coin Fist Palm.

Approx. 30 minutes, including performance, detailed explanation of all sleights, psychology, and timing.

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